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Located on beautiful Vashon Island, we are a family owned small farm committed to sustainable farming practices. Not only are we certified organic, but we are working to increase the vitality of our soil with permaculture methods in mind. Over the next few years we are transitioning to a no-till practice. This will improve soil health, increase yield, and develop a sustainable ecosystem full of biodiversity. 

Our heirloom variety of softneck garlic is unique to our farm. Originally brought to Dockton in the early 20th century when our neighbor, Mande, immigrated from Croatia for an arranged marriage. Among her possessions were a few heads of garlic from her small town, enough to start a small crop. In 1983, when Mandy was too old to farm, our family purchased the stock and began selling at Pike Place Market. Our variety quickly became known to be high quality and soon gained recognition by Arthur Schwartz, The Food Maven. Many years later, we are expanding and reinvigorating the farm, continuing to cultivate the best garlic available. 

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