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Small Garlic Braid

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    Each traditional garlic braid comes cleaned, cured and ready to eat! Preserving garlic this way helps with storage longevity, lasting at least till June! To remove a head from the braid, simply snip with a pair of scissors or gently twist; the remaining braid will stay intact and makes a wonderful wall decoration as well.


    Our certified organic heirloom garlic is grown on Vashon Island.  The garlic skin is purple in color, hence the name Croatian Purple. It was originally brought to Dockton by our neighbor who immigrated from Croatia in the early 1900's; and we have been growing it ever since.

    Croatian Purple has a fantastic flavor profile and is tasty when eaten raw or cooked. It has a buttery flavor with a peppery, spicy finish.


    Garlic should never be stored in the refrigerator.

    Large Garlic Braid - 15 heads each

    Small Garlic Braid - 7 heads each

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