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Hand Harvested and Braided, Organic Free Range Garlic

All of our garlic is grown organically on our Vashon Island Family Farm in the beautiful Puget Sound, Washington with a commitment to regenerative farming practices and leaving the land better than we found it for ourselves and all of the other creatures we share it with.

Hand Planted, Harvested, Cleaned, Selected and Braided

All of our garlic is hand planted, harvested, cleaned, selected and braided. This means we can ensure the highest quality in every step of the process. This is especially important when selecting the best garlic for our braids. We can identify which garlic are most likely to last the longest with the best flavor. 

Rack Cured

After harvest the garlic is placed on shaded racks outdoors on our farm for at least 6 weeks. Our late summer island temperatures and climate are perfect for this curing process. Because the stalks are still attached the garlic absorbs additional nutrients from the stalk to better preparing it for winter storage.

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